filastrocca in inglese per bambini

Filastrocca in inglese per bambini in inglese: The Alphabet Rhyme

Ecco una  filastrocca in inglese per bambini dell’infanzia su cui esercitarsi per imparare le rime!

Stampala e canta con i tuoi bambini!!

Filastrocca in inglese: The Alphabet Rhyme

A is for apple that hangs on a tree

B is for bread that we have for our tea

C is for cup from which I drink

D is for doll whose cheeks are pink

E is for elephant all wrinkled and grey

F is for flowers that blossom in May

G is for garage where we keep the car

H is for honey which comes in a jar

I is for ice cream, cold and sweet

J is for jelly, our favourite treat

K is for kite which flies in the sky

L is for lorry piled up high

M is for milk, all creamy and white

N is for the note I’m going to write

O is for orange, round like a ball

P is for the picture we hang on the wall

Q is for the queen who wears a crown

R is for rain which falls on the ground

S is for school where we go every day

T is for toys with which we play

U is for umbrella which keeps us dry

V is for vegetables we eat with meat pie

W is for winter with cold, dark nights

X is for Xmas tree, glowing with lights

Y is for yacht I go sailing with you

Z is for zebra which lives in the zoo

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